Future Future lyrics album cover

Money foe dope so bitch you already know
Why it burst black burst serving pidgins a crow
I'm with the dope so good I've been jumped out the foe
Mother fuck the atl then I born a patrone
Me and amigos at the table shots of dime hoolio
I fuck your bitch and we can go, but I ain't gonna fuck her no more
I got the stacks on her but the matrix so I sleep with the dough
I got them pissed up in the wall so yeah I live with the cold
Is this born and I know you niggas mad 'cause you broke
This in my video on the tv any broke though her more
I'm like Pablo on his prime shoulder deep with the snow
I'm with your paper word nigga may our niggas some hoes
I've been also for the world shit lately
And I grindly get with her army
The niggas don't wanna see with the stacks
I'ma fly nigga to be in zack
And I've been also for the world shit lately
'cause I grind to get with her army
The niggas don't wanna see you with the stacks
I fuck fly bitches to be in zack
And I've been fuck the world shit
I got all eyes only like park here
But I ain't tryin to go broke like jar kid
I ain't tryin to broke my dealer like blur kid
I'm tryin to stack on free benz like rock this
Tell the truth I never thought that I can this be
I think on other bus and choppers like..kid
I can't live flexin jewelry like..
Got every penny out of six that's where i..
The bridge born shit I built it
I put flocka in the game and it killed it
I did a song with lil wayne and I killed it
My only wish my nigga dope was really real shit
My uncle runnin that was smoking kane
My cousin suicide he blowed out the brain
They gave my nigga 30 years in the chain game
I just had to drop her haughty rest upon my ring
Homie just set this walking in the ring
I can't..i've been through some things
I put my heart in every verse and when I'm on that plane
I'm thanking girl for all my watches and all my chain
I'm missin nearly and I'm in fara drama
The bitches know I'm work through karma
They know I got that lama
And moly since that I just got out that karma
That sick..her bone free my nigga photo

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