Drake Drake lyrics album cover

[Verse 1: Drake]
Alright, well alright,
I say I do it for the love
Bunk bed flow, always one level above
If I'm in ya starting five you will never need a sub
And I'm neva looking down so I always know wassup
A picture won't do me Justice League in this b-tch
I'm a do me trust this
Patience lil label n-gga you won't rush this
I got the hammer money sweetie you can't touch this
I got a revolutionary flow in every scenerio
Coming through ya stereo
Plus my girlfriend booty round like the merry go
B-tches like where he at, they be like there he go
And this verse deserve a burial
Don't cry for me this ain't motha f-cking Mario
Yeah, and polo isn't at my session
Mr Anticipation I'm a keep you n-ggas guessing like
Ok ok I'm grown, I'm grown
Party at my house but I'm home alone
Doing every single thing my momma wouldn't condone
Counting everything I own in my muthaf-cking ZONE,
I'm up too high somebody come get me down down down down
Said I'm up too high somebody get me down down down down
[Verse 2: Drake]
Look, my ex girl said she done dating black guys
She shoulda listened when her white friends advised
Not me I make your battle ships capsize
Get soaked get wet get baptized
I got the full package a n-gga complete
I get bread and eat tracks like lunch meat
Sue me and I'm a put you on front street
Probably get your records pushed back like front seats
I'm much more then you fathom he would be
And ain't too many n-ggas that I'd rather be than me
I guarantee the women getting at him would agree
That he should go ahead and put a patent on his g
And I swear these n-ggas gassed up even though the price is high
I could own half as much clothing and be twice as fly
You know my coupe sit super low
Top slipped off like Janet at the superbowl

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