DJ Khaled DJ Khaled Suffering From Success lyrics album cover

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
…all under my nails
In a room full of stares, give em something to see
I be so fucking faded, Who washed the colors with bleach?
Now they biting my style, hope it get stuck in yo teeth
I been had the green light, so dont jump in the street
The World’s under my feet, I’m just kissing the sky
Tune, what is that smell? That’s the shit on my mind
[Hook: DJ Khaled & Lil Wayne]
Fuck all you bitches
Fuck all you bitches
Fuck all you bitches
Fuck all you bitches
Fuck all you hoes
Fuck all you hoes
1 million, 2 millions, 3, 4
[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Breaking up the kush, sticky fingers on it
I’m throwing up gang signs you can see I’m in my vomit
And Im cool right na’ but please dont change the climate
Cause Im sleeping with the enemy in bulletproof pajamas
I got issues bigger than you, bitches taller than me
Ratchet and Bullshit, I like R’n'B
Unapologetic I’m sorry for not being sorry
You niggas old news XXX stories
I need benadryl for my trigger finga, bad bitches for my home boys
The grass is greener on the other side, I’m focused on my own yard
Ain’t got enough, need more dough, we twisting blunts like torsos
I’m rich as fuck but more so, a poor soul
Oh well, If snow fell like hoes fell in love I be a snow man
My bitch a die for me, she a soldier, GI Joe and
…take chances when I know I ain’t no chance, roll em
I left that crab table with a chip on my soldier…

Songwriters: Dwayne Carter, Khaled Khaled

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