DJ Jubilee Cash Cash Mo Money lyrics album cover

(feat. Bigg Ramp)
[Bigg Ramp Talking]
Look, layin' it down
Respect my mind on the real look
I'm from V.L. uhh-ha
Take Fo, Ruff Ryders
Bigg Ramp in affect ya heard me
[Bigg Ramp]
Man fuck the world, y'all don't care bout a nigga look
All ya wanna do is keep me done, and keep yo pockets bigger look
Watch me playin' in triggers, bustin' everything in sight look
Fuck the judge and jury, fuck them bitches ain't right look
Fuck those, who want me for my fuckin' name look
Fuck the record company's who be try'na run the game look
Fuck y'all lame look, for the shit ya try'na do look
Fuck over yo artist but major still fuck you look
Fuck the bitches who be callin' my phone look
Fuck that nigga right now, who be hatin' on this song look
My people Take Fo, still gonna be an army strong look
Fuck you if think, that I can't get my stunt on look
Get Ignorant you know they gonna hate us
So fuck 'em all, Get Ignorant you know they
Gonna hate us, so fuck 'em all
Man Get Ignorant, you know they gonna hate us
So fuck 'em all, fuck it go off look
Fuck it go off look
[Bigg Ramp]
Man, fuck the corner store, that always ask
Me for ID look, won't let me buy no optiomoes
Knowin' ya smoke weed look
Fuck the stupid hoes who be playin' on yo phone look
Puttin' hoe in yo beeper, and don't wanna leave you alone look
Fuck the police that took to long to come see me look
If he had a donut in his pocket, he be there in a heart beat look
Fuck the high school that won't let 'cha back in look
Fuck the dog hoe, that fucked you, Squarl and yo best friend look
Fuck them hoes who always jumped ya after the parade look
Fuck them other hoes over he said, she said look
Fuck the president, he need to be worryin' bout the law
Instead of fuckin' with the dojga, lickin' on a gar look
[Bigg Ramp]
Man fuck them fat chicks, who think they fine
But they ain't, they be try'na squeeze in them
Lil' jeans knowin' that they can't look
Fuck the haters, who say it ain't raw on VL look
Fuckin' on a slick, man they run the hotel look
Fuck the junkies, who always come stunt for a sale look
That's why they gettin' wammies and they still be clientail look
Fuck reppin' nigga's borrowin' other nigga's clothes look
Fuck the buster nigga's who be lovin' dog hoes look
Now I'm fuckin' the piss out of her and that's how
She got drove, cuz Ramp game cold look
Kinda hot like a stove look, fuck the fakers
That blacktop and press pause look
Fuck them jelaous hoes, that play the game raw look
Fuck them snitches who be drinkin' all that Hateraid look
My stunt laid, and by the time ya say ya don't like this
That's three nigga's time elvated uhh-ha nigga!
Fuck You look
[Chorus-Till The End]

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