Undertones song lyrics album cover

Undertones Hypnotised

Boys Will Be Boys

Girls That Don't Talk

Hard Luck

Hard Luck (Again) / Bonus Track


I Don't Wanna See You Again / Bonus Track

I Told You So / Bonus Track

Let's Talk About Girls / Bonus Track

More Songs About Chocolate And Girls

My Perfect Cousin

Nine Times Out Of Ten

See That Girl


The Way Girls Talk

There Goes Norman

Under The Boardwalk

Wednesday Week

What's With Terry?

Whizz Kids

You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) / Bonus Track

Undertones Positive Touch

Beautiful Friend / Bonus Track

Boy Wonder

Crisis Of Mine

Fairly In The Money Now / Bonus Track


Forever Paradise

Hannah Doot

His Good Looking Girlfriend

I Don't Know

It's Going To Happen

Julie Ocean

Julie Ocean / Bonus Track

Kiss In The Dark / Bonus Track

Life's Too Easy

Life's Too Easy / Bonus Track

Sigh & Explode

The Positive Touch

When Saturday Comes

You're Welcome

Undertones The Sin Of Pride


Bye Bye Baby Blue

Chain Of Love


Got To Have You Back

I Can Only Dream

Like That

Love Before Romance


Save Me

Soul Seven

The Love Parade

The Sin Of Pride

Turning Blue


Valentine's Treatment

Window Shopping For New Clothes

You Stand So Close

Undertones The Undertones

(She's A) Run-Around

Billy's Third

Casbah Rock

Emergency Cases / Bonus Track

Family Entertainment

Get Over You

Girls Don't Like It

Here Comes The Summer

I Gotta Getta

I Know A Girl

Jimmy Jimmy

Jump Boys

Listening In

Male Model

Mars Bars / Bonus Track

One Way Love / Bonus Track

Really Really / Bonus Track

She Can Only Say No / Bonus Track

Smarter Than You / Bonus Track

Teenage Kicks

Top Twenty / Bonus Track

True Confessions

Wrong Way