Soundgarden Soundgarden A-Sides lyrics album cover

Nothing seems to kill me no matter how hard I try
Nothing is closing my eyes
Nothing can beat me down for your pain or delight
And nothing seems to break me
No matter how hard I fall nothing can break me at all
Not one for giving up though not invincible I know
I¡¯ve givin¡¯ everything I need
I¡¯d give you everything I own
I¡¯d give in if it could at least be ours alone
I¡¯ve given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down in and
Blow up the outside world
Someone tried to tell me something
Don¡¯t let the world get you down
Nothing will do me in before I do myself
So save it for your own and the ones you can help
Want to make it understood
Wanting though I never would
Trying though I know it¡¯s wrong
Blowing it to hell and gone
Wishing though I never could
Blow up the outside world

Songwriters: CORNELL, CHRIS

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