Sesame Street A Face lyrics album cover

Fur, I am covered with fur From my snoot to my spur I'm a furry fella
Fur, when you stroke it, I purr
When you poke it, I grrr
It's maroon and yellow
Fur keeps me warm when it's brrr
Don't you wish that you were
Fairly bursting with fur, fur, fur
Yes, fur is beautiful, fur is clever
Furthermore, I'll love fur furever
Fur, unfurgettable fur
Now, you may find fur too frightful
But I'd never switch
I find my fur delightful
But, boy, does it itch
You may see fur as horrible
I say, no sir
To me my fur's adorable
And I'm covered with fur
My head's in a whir
My thoughts are a blur
When I think of my fur-bulous
Furst-rate fur
Oh, fur, unfurgettable fur


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