Sarah Connor song lyrics album cover

Sarah Connor

Close To Crazy

I Feel Lonely

I Will Find You In My Heart

Keiner Ist Wie Du

Top Of The World


Sarah Connor Christmas In My Heart

A New Kingdom

A Ride In The Snow

Ave Maria

Be Thankful

Christmas In My Heart

Come Together

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Sweet Is The Song

The Christmas Song

White Christmas

Why Does It Rain

Sarah Connor Green Eyed Soul

Can't Get None

Every Little Thing

French Kissing

From Sarah With Love

I Can't Lie

If U Were My Man


In My House

Let Us Come Together

Let's Get Back To Bed Boy

Make U High

Man Of My Dreams


When I Dream

Where Do We Go From Here

Sarah Connor Key To My Soul

Are You Ready To Ride?

Daddy's Eyes

Every Moment Of My Life

For The People

I Want Some Of That

I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)

Just One Last Dance

Love Is Color-Blind

Music Is The Key

My Intuition

Turn Off The Lights

Whatcha Wearing? (Interlude)

When Two Become One

Sarah Connor Muttersprache


Augen Auf


Close To Crazy

Das Leben Ist Schön

Deutsches Liebeslied

Halt Mich

I Feel Lonely

Ich Atme Ein

Keiner Ist Wie Du

Kommst Du Mit Ihr

Mein König

Meine Insel

Mit Vollen Händen


Wenn Du Da Bist

Wie Geht Glücklich

Wie Schön Du Bist

Sarah Connor Naughty But Nice

Call Me


Dolce Vita

From Zero To Hero

Happy Anniversary

I Just Started Being Bad

Keep Imagining

One More Night (Part Two Of The Osla Suite Trilogy)


Thank You

You Are My Desire

You're The Kinda Man

Sarah Connor Real Love

Back From Your Love

Better Man

Break My Chains

Can't Get Over You

Carry Me Home

Cold As Ice

In Love Alone

It Only Hurts When I Breathe

Keep The Fire Burnin

Leaving With A Song

Miss U Too Much

Real Love


Soldier With A Broken Heart

Stand Up

Standing Of Top Of The World

This Is What It Feels Like

Time 2

Top Of The World

Sarah Connor Sexy As Hell

Act Like You

Beautiful View

Fall Apart

I Believe In You

I'll Kiss It Away