Sacrilege Sacrilege Lost In The Beauty You Slay lyrics album cover

[Music: Berholtz, Dinsdale]
[Lyrics: Svensson]
[Cello: Hellgren]
Mystic night come encircle me
with your inimitable darkness
Drown me in agony and sombre thoughts
Come fourth your legions of unpurity
I'll bring myself under your domination
Just one of hundred million subjects
in your precious kingdom in the sky
Master of fire, e0arth,water and wind
Winter... a petrified nature in a frozen world
Silence... listen to the thunderstorm
A new star is born another's burning into oblivion
Frozen thoughts
Harden my soul
lord of north
with the frost as your sword
Just like in the mountains
where the never-melting snor is hiding the scars
of eternal torture within
[Repeat first]

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