SNFU song lyrics album cover

SNFU ...And No One Else Wanted To Play

Bodies In The Wall

Broken Toy

Cannibal Cafe

Get Off Your Ass

I'm Really Scared



Money Matters

Plastic Surgery Kept Her Beautiful

Seein' Life Through The Bottom Of A Bottle

She's Not On The Menu

The Gravedigger

This Is The End

SNFU Better Than A Stick In The Eye

G.i. Joe Gets Angry With The World

Postman's Pet Peeve

The Happy Switch

The Quest For Fun

Time To Buy A Futon

Tour Tantrum

What Good Hollywood?

Wild World

SNFU Fyulaba

Better Than Eddie Vedder


Charlie Still Smirks

Don't Have The Cow

Elfie Schlegel


Gaggle Of Friends

Michelle Pfeiffer's Diaper

My Pathetic Past

Spaceghost, The Twins And Blip


The Kwellada Kid

You Make Me Thick

SNFU If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish

Better Homes And Gardens

He's Not Getting Older, He's Getting Bitter

I Forget

Mind Like A Door


Snapping Turtle

The Ceiling

The Devil's Voice

Welcome To My Humble Life Of Disarray

Where's My Legs?

SNFU In The Meantime And In Between Time

A Hole In Your Soul

A One Legged Bridge Jumper

A Wreck In Progress

Cheap Transistor Radio

Cockatoo Quill

Elaine Elaine

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

I Think Fine Art's Fine!

If I Die, Will You Die?

Sick Lee & Coward Leigh

The Birdman Of Malmo

The Heavy Head Dance

SNFU Something Green & Leafy This Way Comes


All Those Opposed

Costume Trunk

Gladly In Gloom

Joni Mitchell Tapes

Painful Reminder

Reality Is A Ride On The Bus

Seven Minutes Closer To Death

Strangely Strange

The Great Mind Eraser

The Watering Hole

The X-creep

This Is A Goodbye

Tin Fish


SNFU The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders

Appraise The Lord

Beautiful, Unlike You And I

Cannibal Café

Grunt, Groan, Rant And Rave

I Used To Write Songs

I'm Real Scared

The Electric Chair

The Kitchen Kreeps

Visiting The Bad Again

SNFU The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed

A Better Place

Big Thumbs

Bizarre Novelties

Bumper Stickers

Drunk On A Bike

Eric's Had A Bad Day

Lovely Little Frankenstein


Mutated Dog

My Mold Collection

One Last Loveshove

Rusty Rake

The King Of Skin

SNFU The Ping Pong

Questions, Questions, Questions