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Gary sounds like a scene from the silver screen
Gary yeah that's how it was
Jay love doesn't always look like a picture perfect storybook
Jay ah but sometimes it does
Gary standing beside her the stars shined even brighter
Gary and for a moment all the world was all the world was still
Joe don I knew we belonged together the moment my eyes met hers
Gary and I thought nothing lasts forever but maybe this one will
A deep breath and baby steps
That's how the whole thing starts
It's a long slow beautiful dance
To the beat of a heart
Jay the world starts to spin again you learn things you didn't know then
Jay feels like the bloom is off the rose
Joe don but you weather a few storms and you pull out a few thorns
Jay/Gary and together the garden grows and grows
Repeat chorus
Jay it's a long slow beautiful dance my friend
Jay the house is filled with so much love
Jay we've got more than enough for two
Joe don so we've been thinking about having a baby
Jay/Gary I know it sounds crazy but it seems like the natural thing to do
Repeat chorus
It's a long slow
It's a long slow
It's a long slow


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