Rabbit Junk Black lyrics album cover

You won't stop Now over the top You'll tear your enemies apart
Pray for your soul
But you do your part
This is the big push
No one walks away
No flesh on bones
No blood in veins
This is the big push
We don't take no prisoners
Ein zwei drei vier
This is the big push
We don't take no shite
It was a drunk weasel
Feeling a miracle
Stubby little fingers pulling triggers
Beating back the hordes
It was a walking revenge fantasy
Seeking out the enemy in the trenches
Of its scabby knees
Bubble gum bubble gum in a dish
How many pieces do you wish
Ein zwei drei vier
One more and you'll choke my dear
I bet they didn't think that something so small
Could put an insect in the ink
In which they stood for
I bet they didn't see it coming
It was too fast for their running
Now they're stuck in the mud
Surrounded by bodies
Cinderella ribbon of yella
Went upstairs to see her fella
Made a mistake and kissed a snake
How many soldiers did it take

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