Nanci Griffith song lyrics album cover

Nanci Griffith

Well All Right (W/ The Crickets)

Nanci Griffith Blue Roses From The Moons


Everything's Comin' Up Roses

Gulf Coast Highway

I Fought The Law

I'll Move Along

Is This All There Is?

Maybe Tomorrow

Morning Train

Not My Way Home

Saint Teresa Of Avila

She Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Two For The Road

Waiting For Love

Wouldn't That Be Fine

Nanci Griffith Clock Without Hands


Clock Without Hands


In The Wee Small Hours

Last Song For Mother

Lost Him In The Sun

Midnight In Missoula

Pearl's Eye View (The Life Of Dickey Chapelle)

Roses On The 4th Of July

Shaking Out The Snow

The Ghost Inside Of Me

Traveling Through This Part Of You

Truly Something Fine

Where Would I Be

Nanci Griffith Flyer

Always Will

Anything You Need But Me

Don't Forget About Me


Going Back To Georgia

Goodnight To A Mother's Dream

Nobody's Angel

On Grafton Street

Say It Isn't So

Southbound Train

Talk To Me While I'm Listening

The Flyer

These Days In An Open Book

This Heart

Time Of Inconvenience

Nanci Griffith Hearts In Mind


Back When Ted Loved Sylvia



Big Blue Ball Of War

Heart Of Indochine

I Love This Town

Last Train Home

Love Conquers All

Mountain Of Sorrow

Old Hanoi

Simple Life

Nanci Griffith Intersection

Just Another Morning Here

Nanci Griffith Late Night Grande Hotel

Down 'N' Outer

Fields Of Summer


Hometown Streets

It's Just Another Morning Here

It's Too Late

Late Night Grande Hotel

One Blade Shy Of A Sharp Edge

San Diego Serenade

The Power Lines

The Sun, Moon, And Stars

Nanci Griffith Little Love Affairs

Anyone Can Be Somebody's Fool

Gulf Coast Highway

I Knew Love

I Wish It Would Rain

I Would Change My Life

Little Love Affairs

Love Wore A Halo (Back Before The War)

Never Mind

Outbound Plane

So Long Ago

Sweet Dreams Will Come

Nanci Griffith Lone Star State Of Mind

Beacon Street

Cold Hearts / Closed Minds

Ford Econoline

From A Distance

Let It Shine On Me

Lone Star State Of Mind

Love In A Memory

Nickel Dreams

Sing One For Sister

There's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)

Trouble In The Fields

Nanci Griffith Once In A Very Blue Moon

Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith

Daddy Said

Friend Out In The Madness

Ghost In The Music

I'm Not Drivin' These Wheels (Bring The Prose To The Wheel)

If I Were The Woman You Wanted

Love Is A Hard Waltz

Mary And Omie

Once In A Very Blue Moon

Roseville Fair