NOFX song lyrics album cover


20 Something

99 Red Balloons

A Perfect Goverment


And Now For Something Completely Similar

Arming The Proletariat With Potato Guns

Backstage Passport Theme Song

Beer Song

Canada Has Better Heroin


Champs Elysées

Champs Élysées (English Version)

Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don?t)

Co-Dependence Day

Concerns Of A Gop Neo-phyte (Wrong Version)


Creeping Out Tegan


Dig (every Night A New)


Eddi, Bruce, And Paul

Fan Mail

Food, Sex And Ewe

Free Dumb

Germ Free Adolescent

Germ Free Adolescents

Getting High On The Down Low

Gin And Juice


Guttermouth Is A Really Good Band

Happy Birthday You're Not Special

Happy Break Up Song

Hardcore '84

Hardcore 84

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Hit It Hold It Back

Hot Dog In Hallway

Hotel California

I Am A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion

I Am Going To Hell For This One

I Wanna Be An Alcoholic

I Want You To Want Me

I Want You To Want Me

I'm A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion

Insulted By Germans

Insulted By Germans (Again)

It's My Job To Keep Punkrock Elite

Jaundiced Eye

Jaw, Knee, Music

Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?

Johnny B Goode

Kill Rock Stars

Lazy Train

Life Of Riley

Liza And Louise

Longest Line

Mister Jones

Moron Brothers

My Friends

My Name's Bud (My Parents Smoked Too Much Pot)

My Penis

No Fun In Fundamentalism

No More Lies

Olive Me

Olympia Wa.

One Way Ticket to Fuckneckville

Open Your Eyes

Pharmacist?s Daughter

Philthy Phil Philantropist

Pump Up The Valuum

Punk Guy (cause' He Does Punk Things)

Punk Rock Elite

Release The Hotstages

S & M Airlines

Seeing Double At The Triple Rocks

She`s Nubs

Shower Days

Spaghetti Motel

Stand By Me

Stickin' In My Eye

Sticking In My Eyes

Stupid Canadiens

Teenage Existentialist

Thalidomide Child

The Decline

The Fastest Longest Line

The Happy Guy

The Malachi Cruch

The Seperation Of Church And Skate

There She Goes

There's No Fun In Fundamentalism

Turning Japanese

We Don't Play Ska Anymore

We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arm

What's The Matter With Kids Today ?

Where's My Slice

Whoops I Od'd

Wolves In Wolves` Clothing

Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots

You Can Go Your Own Way