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Featuring ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul & Jay Rock
I fucked up the rap game and you ain’t even know
I just fucked what’s her name and you ain’t even know
She got a pussy tattoo and you ain’t even know (real talk)
We bout to form a lil group and you ain’t even know (let’s get it)
Stroking it, rocking the hard place
Eminem, Pac in with Gretzky
Timbaland pop that jaw bone
Now bitch nigga tell me how the time taste
And even Tarzan can get his swag on
I never hung out with the loud mouth
You got a fowl mouth and that dead body
Gonna spell fowls when it falls out
She found my nose in the Bahamas
We found ourselves in the Bahamas
She found God, meditation and piece
I found myself without a condom
You know everybody having them babies
It’s a beautiful thing, it ain’t crazy
If a rapper one eye could miss, she’d know what the problem is
Too many bitches got babies
And I hate that hopping on me
Stay gussy, popping on me
You fucking fool, don’t know about you but my dick needs 17 years on it
Anything after that is just a bonus
And I’ve been in the lab with my opponents
And since waiters wave that list, he got a flat screen the next morning
Tell him I need my credit when it’s due
Tell em I need my letters when it’s new
Tell em I got a fetish for fine fabric, Franklin’s just sayin fuck you
Tell em it’s TEE til I’m DDT, then that crazy tap dog is proof
Tell my nigga who came free and shit coming for free
I’m bout to rape you niggas til you recoup, dizzy
Groovy nigga – that’s all day
Back wood ho, 3 grams
Got a 6 shooter, everyone was spinning shit,
I’m stuck inside but won’t jam
Just hit it here, about 2 stacks
Hell yea that bitch can go HAM
Molly in her drink but she ask me to
And oh yea I got this on cam, uh
Gangsta nigga, no trap beats
But I still sound like that new shit
Originality in my blueprint,
Still fig side, Figaro pimp
A big ass where my palm hit
Pull my dick out, she gon bomb it
Swag surfin all through the world
Slide though the sea on a comet
OSY for these morons
Got BI mush, yea I’mma push on
Ways off of them pockets, uh
Ring mo with little call phone
These niggas ain’t copy, uh
Tell them old niggas to move on
Oh damn, I done said it
Yea, all day I’m gon be hated
She ain’t single but she solo
You ain’t even know it
Other sound but soldout shows,
You ain’t even know it
My lips black but they ain’t chat
She ain’t even know that
Let’s have sex, she said yes
You know she ain’t no doubt
See the life on my chest
My head next to her breast
My mind all in the crowds
Just bought a ounce of the best
No talkin when I’m off that loud
I can’t quit so she pissed
You know I’m gonna fool a nigga round
But it’s hard when everybody on yo dick
Know real niggas that’s creeps
I know real niggas that’s blush
No real niggas that’s thuggin
Like you ain’t know wussup
Got codeine in my cup, got a couple checks that need cashin
And you could take that to the bank
What’s life without a balance?
You ain’t even know it
Nigga I be everywhere, you ain’t even goin
I thought it was snowin
But I’m just the coldest nigga out here flowin
Sick of all that bullshit yall been promotin but
Carson in the motherfuckin house
That loud mouth, watch yo motherfuckin mouth
I took the game by storm just to X men out
I’m crazy out my mind, I put my life on the line
The tortoise only makes progress when its neck sticks out
Just a little token of gold if you ain’t know it though
Respect – I get the upmost
I’m so dope, I’mma walk that kilo
36 O’s, you don’t even know I’m getting cheese like Cheetos
You mad that we BMF’in
Bitch ass niggas steady PMS’in
I never show my hands
Can’t know my plans, gotta keep them guessin
Rock! I was off the scene
Now a nigga back like a 4 and a half
Shootin up the set, I Spielberg
See the big picture when them hammers flash
I don’t post a lot on Instragram
That’s the quickest way that get you man
Leave that shit for the bitches, man
Alphabet boys that get yo ass
IRS, they was on it, nigga
Cash them out, now I’m scars free
Got my passport and my transport and now I’m overseas
You don’t even know it
Rock been killin this shit, no gloves, no mask on me
It’s 100 thousand cash on me
Back then I was doing bad, homie
All my bitches bad now,
My own hoes tryna keep tabs on me
Safe to say I’m the man now,
Fuck that nigga, just stand down
For the shots go up and it’s man down
Hands down still poppin,
No description, I’m flexin
Suppress the pussy, I bring off the edge
Too late to push me, nigga I ain’t fell off
Used to move fast, diverse like killer
Bullet to the brain, count paper like tellers
Top draw money, can’t catch me beam up
Close loud on the beat, nigga try to see em
Bring hella stripes, can’t walk on my dingus
Kicked in the door, hand on the Nina
Black hit this shit, Rock on Pluto
I’m turnt up every day, you don’t even know it
Got yo bitch with me right now, you don’t even know it
We turn up here in the car, you don’t even know it
Got a whole bottle of strong, you don’t even know it
We came up from neck, you don’t even know it
Drive a half million car, you don’t even know it
Just throwin up that show, you don’t even know it
That bitch speakin on edge, you don’t even know it
A thousand dollars pair of shoes, you don’t even know it
This is thousand dollar purple lean, you don’t even know it
That’s a half million car, you don’t even know it
I came up from the bottom, you don’t even know it
My niggas all ridin with me, you don’t even know it
Got killers with me right now, you don’t even know it
That’s a million dollar watch nigga, you don’t even know it
Got a million dollar crib man, you don’t even know it

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