Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar lyrics album cover

(Kendrick Lamar)
Aha, and what do we have
Your empty heart and my empty bottle and yellow cab
That you are likely to catch but your lady’s ex made you mad
So I figured the perfect catch would be you if I made the pass
Pool full of liquor then we dive - in it
Knowing if I lick her I might die - in it
Then reincarnate as a fly - gymnast
Just to flip my tongue on you
This the Olympics
(Bridge: Kendrick Lamar)
State your name, live in the moment
It’s your time to own it, I see it in you baby
She tell me that she never get a first let away
(Kendrick lamar)
And life is a bitch, but every dog has it's day
Holla pull up, pull up, bring it back, come rewind
Pull up them bittracks, that pack come behind
Pool full of liquor then we die - in it
Pull 'em to the side, let me slide - in it
(Thanks to Luiz for these lyrics)

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