Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar Hub City Threat: Minor Of The Year lyrics album cover

Hey , hey man you gonna do K dot man?
Ye ye man I heard you from like Compton
Like CPT like deep in here like in the streets
Hold up, hold up who is y'all
I'm from Winsconsin but my man here spit that hot fire
You need to hear this, he's got that piff
I'm from the bron nigga, deep breeze from the East coast
What part of Easy coast?
Nigga I'm from Maine
Don't let it fool you man
You can spit or something?
Nigga I'm not, he make the beats and I do the parappin and rappin
You write man?
I make the beats man
I got this
Spit some
He's the fucking J
Spit some
Hey..let's get away
Nah man, I'ma get these cars, get these cars
I'ma spit these bars, spit these bars
Is he serious?
Man, I ain't playin this nigga's real
He's represent Maine, they been in Maine , we originated from Maine that's the chase of fame
Tell this fool
I'm tellin' him
This cali ass nigga

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