I Exist I Exist lyrics album cover

A step climb lies ahead A burden heavier than 100 deaths Why has my word not been told?
Why must you drag me down this road?
Don't doubt my reasons for
In the end you'll see,
What is hell to you brings more to me,
And less to a life lived free
Murder, plagues, mass genocide,
Four horsemen ready to fly,
Let it burn, all of it, and take it in your stride
I kneeled to you my father, to you I gave my all
Miles walked, miles alone, knees bloody from the crawl
And this is all imp fucking given, for years of suffering
3 nails, abandonment and a fucking book of flaws
Now I leave you to guide yourself,
When rotting on your cross,
You made your boffin now sleep it in,
I gave you life, now take your death,
Soon you'll arise, and do it all again
Pissed on, fucked on, all for nothing
I can't wait to see his face when I'm tearing our his eyes,
Thank you father now I see, this is the way of the truly blind

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