Hammerfall song lyrics album cover


On The Edge Of Honour

A Past And Future Secret

A Voice In The Dark

Bang Your Head

Breaking The Law

Control The Divine

Curse My Name

Head Over Heels

Howlin' With The 'Pac

Howlin' With The 'Pac

När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn

När vindarna viskar mitt namn


Ride Into Obsession

Rising Force

Road Of No Release

Run With The Devil

Tanelorn (Into The Void)


War Of The Thrones

We're Gonna Make It

Wheel Of Time

Hammerfall (R)Evolution



Evil Incarnate

Ex Inferis

Hector's Hymn

Live Life Loud


Tainted Metal

We Won't Back Down


Winter Is Coming

Hammerfall Blood Bound

Blood Bound

Blood Bound (Karaoke Version)

The Metal Age (Live)

Hammerfall Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Blood Bound

Born To Rule

Fury Of The Wild

Hammer Of Justice


Knights Of The 21st Century

Never, Ever


Take The Black

The Templar Flame

Hammerfall Crimson Thunder

Angel Of Mercy

Crimson Thunder

Dreams Come True

Hearts On Fire

Hero's Return

In Memoriam

Lore Of The Arcane

On The Edge Of Honour

Riders On The Storm

The Unforgiving Blade


Hammerfall Glory To The Brave

Child Of The Damned

Glory To The Brave


I Believe

Steel Meets Steel

Stone Cold

The Dragon Lies Bleeding

The Metal Age


Hammerfall Heeding The Call

Heeding The call

Steel Meets Steel (Live)

Stone Cold (Live)

The Metal Age (Live)

Hammerfall I Want Out

At The End Of The Rainbow

I Want Out

Hammerfall Infected


Dia De Los Muertos

I Refuse


Let's Get It On

One More Time

Patient Zero


Send Me A Sign

The Outlaw

Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings

At The End Of The Rainbow

Back To Back

Heeding The Call

Legacy Of Kings

Let The Hammer Fall

Remember Yesterday

Stronger Than All

The Fallen One

Warriors Of Faith

Hammerfall No Sacrifice, No Victory

Any Means Necessary

Between Two Worlds

Bring The Hammer Down

Hallowed Be My Name


Life Is Now

My Sharona

No Sacrifice, No Victory

One Of A Kind